Idaho Bushcraft

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June 24-27, 2021

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

This is the ultimate ESEE/Rowen experience. Day one will be a guided tour of the Rowen Manufacturing facility in Idaho Falls, Idaho where ESEE Knives are made. After the tour you will be able to choose a knife and assemble it yourself at the factory. After your knife is complete, the Rowen and ESEE team will autograph the box so you have a lasting memory of this experience. Then it’s off to the mountains for 3 days of camping and learning bushcraft / survival skills with ESEE/RAT instructors.


  • Tool safety and use (Knife/axe/saw)
  • Firemaking (ferro rod, bowdrill, hand drill, flint and steel)
  • Traps/snares
  • Camp cooking setups
  • Primitive shelters
  • Cordage
  • Net making
  • Camp tool construction
  • And much more…


  • Fixed blade knife
  • Ferro rod
  • Clothes suitable for the weather
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • Water container (fresh water will be provided – no need for purification device)
  • Tent or hammock setup
  • Sleeping bag or wool blanket
  • Anything else you need to be comfortable in the woods

We will pick up food / snacks before heading into mountains. If you will be flying, the nearest airport is Idaho Falls. Please do not purchase airfare until 45 days in advance of this class just in case we have to cancel for some reason. This class does not require excessive physical exertion. If you have camped before then you are well qualified to take this course.

For more information contact Patrick Rollins: Ph: (256) 613-3834, email: patrick@randallsadventure.comPlease read the FAQs before signing up.


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I have been trying to take this course for a few years now and think this will be the year, it will be a great opportunity for my son and I to spend some time together in the woods.

Can I get some more info. about the specific location the 3 day Bushcrafting course will be held as I will be driving there and may spend a few extra days doing some back country driving/off-road Jeeping while I am there and would like to scout out some good 4x4 trails in the area ahead of time?