Cave Rescue Exercise

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June 11-12, 2021

This exercise is shown "out of stock" since we do not accept online registrations for this event. There is no charge for this event, however participation is limited to Search and Rescue and Emergency Management personnel. Everyone attending must sign a liability release waiver and cave permit (these will be forwarded out to all participants the week of the class). If you have not participated previously in this exercise, then contact us to get on the roster.

Location: North Alabama Area

This is our annual cave rescue exercise hosted by RAT-SAR and North Carolina MSAR team members. Cave location to be announced a few days before the exercise. If you are a SAR member with vertical rescue experience and wish to be part of this exercise, then contact us with your credentials. You must be able to ascend a rope with ascending gear (SRT Level 1) and be able to work in confined spaces for extended periods of time. 

We will meet at a designated campground on June 11th for a day of practice with various techniques and systems (campground location will be announced once practice cave is determined). Actual cave exercise starts early on June 12th. Various limited impact cave rescue techniques will be used during this exercise that may include traveling hauls, counterbalance hauls, improvised anchorage, high directionals / gin pole use, dual tension systems, highlines, the use of 8-9mm ropes, and other Limited Resources Rescue techniques.