Jungle Survival

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October 15-20, 2023

Location: Amazon Jungle, Peru, South America

What does a student learn from this class?

  • How to navigate and travel through a jungle environment
  • How to make fire for cooking and signaling
  • How to build shelter from the surrounding environment
  • How to prepare food from live animals and fish
  • How to build a personal raft from the environment to travel safely downstream

What should a student expect in this class?

  • Very little food or caloric intake
  • Being muddy, dirty, sweaty and wet
  • A lot of machete work, traveling through jungle and building new shelters each night
  • Possibility of stinging insects, wasps and ants
  • Possibility of snakes and other animals


Consult with your doctor or health department on the area you will be traveling to and type of activity this trip consists of. Follow your doctor's recommended health plan for vaccinations and required meds while traveling in this area.

Travel Advisory:

Read the U.S. State Department's Travel Advisory for Peru 

Student Gear List:

Passport, day pack, machete (can be bought in Iquitos, Peru before departing for the jungle), compass & pace count beads, water bottle or hydration pack, water purification tablets or pump filter (Pump filters are not suggested due to clogging easily), GI style mosquito net (no tents), lightweight blanket or sleeping bag, poncho, fire building tools (lighter and/or Ferrocerium rod), fishing kit (small amount of line, lead sinkers and hooks), personal first aid kit (to include toiletries), jungle boots, quick-dry clothing, small flashlight, watch, hat, notepad and pencil/pen, camera w/ extra batteries. The gear list tries to simulate what would be in a tropical pilot's survival kit since this is a short-term survival scenario.


We suggest that all students book their flights to arrive in Iquitos at least one full day before the class is due to depart for the jungle. Commercial air traffic in Peru can sometimes be late and/or canceled due to weather conditions. After your flight is booked, please forward your itinerary to Patrick Rollins so he can make arrangements to have you picked up at the Iquitos airport. You can also email Patrick with any other questions you may have. Please do not book airfare until 45 days in advance of the scheduled class date in case we have to cancel the trip.


Your trip has to be paid in full at least 60 days in advance of the departure date. Checks or money orders can be sent to: Randall's Adventure & Training - P.O. Box 99 - Gallant, AL 35972 -USA. Note: All overseas participants should contact us for bank wire info or PayPal info. We do not accept checks drawn on foreign accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: While we carry a personal locator beacon and always have a person trained as a Wilderness First Responder on these trips, the remote location of this class means that response time for an emergency may be too late if you suffer a hot snake bite or other serious injury. The area we work in is very remote and traveling out of a jungle in this region takes time and a lot of hard work. If anyone suffers an injury we will do everything possible to get you to primary care as quickly as possible but there are NO GUARANTEES!