Field Survival

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Location: Gallant, Alabama

April 4-6, 2025

This 3-day class is an aggressive immersion into the challenges of surviving with minimal gear in a field setting. THIS IS NOT A BUSHCRAFT CLASS. THIS IS NOT AN INTRO TO SURVIVAL CLASS! Students will learn proper knife use, fire building, shelter building, game preparation and land navigation (day and night). Land navigation is an important aspect of this class. We suggest looking over our classroom PowerPoint before arriving for the class. 

Significant stressors are placed upon the student in the forms of hunger, physical exertion, thirst, lack of gear, personal discomfort, and sleep deprivation as a means to simulate a 72 hour survival scenario. Successful completion of assigned tasks throughout the class will allow the student to garner sustenance and equipment that will enhance their existence.

Food and equipment are provided. Please note that no cell phones, watches or electronic devices will be allowed during this class. Please provide your family with our contact information in case there is an emergency that you should be notified of.

BE WARNED: THIS IS NOT AN EASY CLASS! Students may be required to pass a PT exam before being allowed to continue in the class. All students who wish to sign up should be able to complete a 1.5 mile run in less than 15 minutes, do a minimum of 25 push-ups in one minute and a minimum of 25 sit-ups in one minute. The student may be tested on on their physical fitness at the beginning of the class. Any student who cannot complete the physical fitness test will not be allowed to continue and will forfeit their tuition for this course.


Fixed blade knife with sheath, Ferrocerium rod, clothing appropriate for the season (expect rain, being wet and cold during this course), hiking boots (broken in), water container (no hydration packs), cap or bandana, mirrored baseplate compass, pace count beads (optional). No other personal gear (including watches, cameras and phones) are allowed during the course. Most important piece of gear: Positive mental attitude and the ability to keep moving forward regardless of the misery. If you do not possess a good "can-do" attitude, you will not make it through this course.

Each class is limited to 10 students. Class knife awarded upon completion.

For more information contact Patrick Rollins: Ph: (256) 613-3834, email: patrick@randallsadventure.comPlease read the FAQs before signing up.